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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of registration?

Registered user gets some advantages:

  • Notifications on the mail about future special offers;
  • Instant notifications in telegram for orders;
  • Encourage regular customers with good discounts;
  • Get VIP.

Is it safe to buy drugs from your store?

It is safe and simple, the PHASENERGY online store is the place with the most convenient conditions that will save you time and money.

How long do I have to wait for an order?

We work all over the world, and a large number of products in stock allows us to reduce delivery times.

Are your products original?

We value our reputation and do not cooperate with dubious suppliers. Each product is manufactured in a pharmaceutical plant and thoroughly tested with a multi-stage quality control system. As a result of strict control, every product in the store is original and corresponds to the dosage and expiration date.

Do you provide recommendations for the use of your products?

We do not draw up individual courses of use, but each product has a detailed description:

Can you guarantee delivery of my order?

The likelihood of your order being lost or seized is extremely small, but it cannot be completely ruled out. We do our best to package and ship your order, but we have no control over courier services. What is it? This is a your discount (c): TETRA

Do you give the tracking code for the parcel?

This is the first thing we do after shipping. This allows you to see the delivery route online.

Do wholesalers receive special offers?

We are always glad to cooperate with active clients, making them profitable offers.

Do you cooperate with sports organizations?

We work hard to develop sports and a healthy lifestyle, so sports teams and clubs receive the most advantageous offers to work with us.

How can I get products for free?

A unique opportunity to try our products for free for our customers. We give you the medication you need, then you send us your blood test at the time you use it.

Why are the prices in the store so low?

Quality products should be available to each of our clients. This is our goal, and we fulfill it every day. Thus, we contribute to the sanitation of the population. Direct cooperation with manufacturers excludes intermediaries. This allows you to reduce the cost of all pharmacology.

What if I have problems with my order?

Problem situations arise extremely rarely, any problem is solved quickly. Our managers are in touch with clients around the clock. To solve the problem, please reply to the message you receive when ordering.

How can you confirm the quality of the products?

There are two ways to get an answer:

  • Find laboratory blood tests provided by our customers to confirm the high quality and effectiveness of products.
  • Order and evaluate our products, then you will not want to look for another supplier and become our regular customer.

What kind of payment do you accept?

To save your time, we offer several payment methods, you just have to choose the best one.

If you have more questions, please, contact our manager to get information.