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Terms & Conditions


All personal information on the phasenergy.ws website will be processed in accordance with international law. The data of clients of the site phasenergy.ws cannot be disclosed even at the official request of the authorities of foreign states.

Can you guarantee delivery of my order?

The likelihood of loss or arrest of your package is extremely small, but it cannot be completely ruled out. We do our best to package and ship your order, but we do not have the ability to control the customs and courier services of your country.

What is your confiscation policy?

Our seizure rate is below 1%. In the unlikely event that your order gets arrested, we will resend it. If your order is confiscated the first time, we will resend your order for 50% of the total order and shipping costs. If your order is confiscated for the second time in a row, we will resend your order for 70% of the total order and shipping costs. We will not resend your discount order for the 3rd time.

For US customers

Unfortunately, recently, US Customs has become more likely to detain our packages. We cannot influence the work of customs in any way, so for more information on resending your orders to the United States, please contact our support.


No resend policy for USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, APO, FPO, Italy and some other high risk countries. Please accept our apologies.

Delivery of goods

Items are shipped using regular airmail and do not require a receipt on arrival. In the unlikely event that your item is not received on time, open an application form on the phasenergy.ws website. You will be able to track your order.

Delivery time

Average delivery time is 3-10 days. In some rare cases, your parcels may be delayed during the shipping process, please let us know so that we can try to track your parcels. If you have not received your parcels within 30 days and have not received a letter of withdrawal, please let us know. We will provide you with further instructions.

Information about delivery

All orders are dispatched within 1-5 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) of payment confirmation. In case your order is split into two or more parcels, parcels are sent at a rate of one per day. Since these parcels are dispatched on different days, there is a possibility that they will arrive several days apart. To avoid fraud and to protect our valuable customers, we only ship using regular airmail.

Order cancellation

If you need to cancel the order, you can do it within 12 hours after the completion of the payment. You must leave a message in the order form on phasenergy.ws requesting cancellation. Otherwise, your order will be executed and paid accordingly.

International Fee Laws

It is your responsibility to determine if online drug buying is prohibited in your area according to local laws.